Tools for success way to franchisees - רשת בתי קפה לנדוור

Tools For Success

The secret to a successful franchise lies in the franchisee’s costumers and staff. Jumping on board with us entails a great responsibility for us. We feel deeply obliged to give you the best tools and request that you will run your business in the same manner.


We train you based on our year-long experience and provide you with answers and help you at every step of the way.

Our staff is comprised of different departments to cater to all issues and to provide you with the best support possible; from finding an optimal location for your business, through training, initial guidance and routine assistance on all levels:

* Design

* Promotion and sales 

* Procedures

* Training your staff 

* Procedures

* Training your staff

* Culinary guidance and creation of menu

* Acquisition 

* Stock and price management

* Innovation


Landwer headquarters house professionals with year-long experience, both theoretical and practical in their fields.

Successfully running over 35 locations nationwide is not as easy task; we are constantly required to solve issues, be innovative and support our 1,200 employees. At the same time we direct our energy in bringing progress to our many locations.



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