What's new in Landwer? - רשת בתי קפה לנדוור



Ten minutes of pure pleasure: hot and aromatic coffee is served in a coated waffle cup filled with top-quality chocolate and cocoa. The pampering drink, which will be available as cappuccino for adults and pink vanilla chocolate milk for children, will be served from January 1, 2018 throughout the winter in all Landwer Café branches


Landwer Café makes this winter warmer and presents an innovation in Israel: “CAFÉ TILLON” – hot aromatic coffee served in a waffle cup coated with dark chocolate and cocoa.

CAFÉ TILLON”, the new drink by Landwer Café, represents a surprising new way to enjoy Landwer’s top-quality coffee. The hot coffee melts the chocolate, creating a combination of sweet and coffee flavors.

Right from the first sip, you will notice the sweetness of the sophisticated chocolate, which blends perfectly with the taste of coffee. After sipping the drink, all that is left is to eat the crisp cup that leaves a taste for more.


CAFÉ TILLON will be served in three flavors: cappuccino – espresso and foamed milk; hot chocolate milk or pink hot vanilla drink, both served with whipped cream, colored candies, marshmallow and syrup. You only have 10 minutes to drink “CAFÉ TILLON”.


International Breakfast Festival by Landwer

Who said breakfast is only in the morning?!
Landwer Café presents:


Breakfast Festival with dishes from all over the world

Landwer’s “BREAKFEST” Festival will be held in all chain branches from mid-November until the end of December. During the course of the festival, the chain will offer its guests 4 new breakfasts inspired by various cuisines served throughout the day!
From mid-November to December, Landwer Café will hold the “BREAKFEST” Breakfast Festival. During the course of the festival, the chain will offer its guests a new breakfast menu inspired by various cuisines! Landwer’s Breakfast Festival is celebrated throughout the day, and guests can order the dishes all day long, every day.
The new breakfasts will present a breakfast interpretation inspired by the cuisines of France, as well as Scandinavian and Balkan countries.
In addition, the chain collaborated with the leading vegan culinary specialist, Ori Shavit to prepare a gluten-free vegan breakfast inspired by American cuisine.
New dishes:
Scandinavian Royal – smoked salmon on a soft pretzel with rich cream cheese, guacamole spread, scallion, greens and sunny side up egg with a side of cucumber and scallion salad seasoned with lemon-mint sauce.
French Dream – Eggs Benedict (poached eggs) on a roasted brioche double-bread, topped with spinach leaves, mushrooms and rich Hollandaise sauce with a side of green salad seasoned with vinaigrette sauce.
Balkan Festive – baked brioche pastry filled with cheese, spinach, poached egg (or hard-boiled egg), served with a chopped vegetable salad seasoned with lemon-mint sauce.
American Vegan (gluten-free) – vegan tofu scramble with Hash Browns. The dish is a full balanced meal that includes protein (tofu scramble) and carbohydrate (hash browns) and a vegetable dish (spinach, mushrooms and onions). It should be noted that the dish is not only very filling, but also healthy, unique and gluten-free. The dish is excellent for starting a day full of energy or for lunch, and is recommended to the general public and not only to vegans.

*All dishes are served with natural juice and coffee/tea of your choice.

Landwer launches a new series of milkshakes- "Freakshakes"

Landwer Cafe opens the summer season and launches a new series of milkshakes


New crème brulee milkshakes based on French vanilla ice cream and chocolate bar, marshmallows and sauce, and a classic milkshake with strawberries, whipped cream and milk chocolate sauce

Landwer Café is launching two new summer drinks that will be added to the wide variety of drinks offered in the chain’s menu, under the “Freekshake” category – new milkshakes from Landwer’s Bakery and the chain’s chef, Nadav Kemp, offering our customers to enjoy a cold and sweet drink during the hot summer season.

The new milkshakes were created in combination with sweet ingredients that are especially popular among the chain’s customers, such as milk chocolate, marshmallow, spreads and more, colorful and tempting, in resemblance to the way they are served in the undisputed capital of milkshakes – the United States. The two new milkshakes will appear in our guests’ favorite dessert menu at 65 Landwer branches.

The two new flavors include:

Crème Brulee freakshake

Shake with brulee, French vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate bar crumbs, marshmallows and mini Cornetto ice cream, served with Nutella and milk chocolate sauces

Strawberry & Cream freakshake

Shake with French vanilla ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream, marshmallows and mini Cornetto ice cream, served with milk chocolate sauce

For Special drinks menu click here

New! From the Landwer patisserie

Landwer Café is proud to introduce: ”The Dessert Meal”, A new, sinfully delicious dessert menu by Landwer Patisserie offering five new desserts with innovative presentation.

The five new desserts will join the famous Landwer favorites, making sure every sweet-tooth is cared for.

The desserts, inspired by movies and fantasy works, are based on classic desserts and are accompanied by picturesque names. The new menu is a rich adventure of flavor and color, incorporating in which hot and cold elements intertwine to produce a sweet sensation of taste and shape.

Apart from quality ingredients and elaborate presentation, the chain’s newest desserts are bigger than standard desserts, perfect for a hangout with family and friends!

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“Rozaland” - ‘Rozalach’ featuring flavors from all over the world

4 new ‘Rozalach’ dishes inspired by world cuisine – Switzerland, Thailand, USA and France

Landwer Café” launches a unique tribute to the legendary ‘Rozalach’ dessert – the soft and addictive pastry that captured the Israeli audience, and presents “Rozaland” – a limited edition ‘Rozalach menu’ in various flavors inspired by world cuisine.

The new Rozalach dishes that will be available at all 63 branches, are inspired by the widely popular cuisine of France, Switzerland, US and Thailand, offering the familiar and wonderful Rozalach dessert.

The menu will include 4 new pampering and uniquely presented Rozalach dishes, based on the soft  dough of the familiar Rozalach dessert with a sweet ‘twist’ courtesy of the cuisine on which it is based

For Rozalach menu click here

gift certificates

Dear customers,

Please note that gift certificates issued in the past are valid 
for up to two years from the date of their delivery 
to the customer, and their implementation will be without any 
restrictive conditions in this context.

How do you say Landwer in Italian?


Landwer Café launches a new Italian menu


The new menu will include 24 new and carefully-crafted Italian-inspired dishes: fresh durum-wheat pastas, brick-oven pizzas, and more


Landwer’s Coffee never stops reinventing and innovating, and launches the “Landwer’s Italian”, a new Italian menu inspired by authentic Italian cuisine. The menu includes 24 new dishes, including fresh gnocchi and ravioli in a variety of fillings, fresh pastas made from 100% durum wheat and served with a selection of hearty sauces, and brick-oven pizzas baked on-premises, topped with 100% real mozzarella cheese and an array of colorful and surprising toppings.


Click here to view the new Italian menu

Landwer’s new vegan menu


At Landwer we’re always thinking about how we can give our guests the best, most enjoyable culinary experience. To surprise every guest with delicious, innovative dishes, with tantalizing smells and beautiful presentation.
Our new vegan menu was developed with the Landwer chef, after truly listening and taking in our guests’ needs, and our vegan guests’ as well. We realized that modern veganism fits everyone. Our guests enjoy healthy dishes which also happen to be really delicious.
Our new menu offers 8 new groundbreaking dishes, put together according to global culinary trends. Rich, flavorful, aromatic dishes that suit everyone and meet the needs of our vegan guests.

Chocolate Addiction


Real Chocolate lovers already know – good, high-end chocolate keeps you happy.


A special treat for the cool winter months, we at Landwer offer our guests a rich, hot chocolate drink with a tantalizing flavor to soothe and warm up your soul.


Chocolate Addiction, our addictive hot chocolate drink, was developed by the international chocolate ambassador Estella, and inspired by a traditional Belgian recipe. It is made of real, excellent chocolate (60% cocoa content) with enticing vanilla flavors and a precise consistency. A harmonious combination of Landwer’s coffee specialty and the one-of-a-kind knowledge and talent of Estella the chocolatier.


Chocolate Addiction is served in a unique designer vintage cup and comes with one of four toppings, for a perfectly irresistible winter experience.



Halva *Crushed coffee beans *Colorful candy *Milk foam

Landwer Café launches a new sandwich menu:


Hot sandwiches in freshly-baked artisanal bread, a meal in their own

We’re happy to introduce our new sandwiches, rich and delicious meals served in freshly-baked artisanal bread. The new combinations and surprising trimmings make an entire meal that’s fit to eat, no matter the time of day. Dishes are served country-style, a-symmetrically wrapped and placed on a wooden platter over checkboard-print paper.

All of our breads – whether a side to a main dish or as part of our sandwiches – are served straight out of the brick oven. They are artisanal breads, white or whole wheat, made of handmade, natural sourdough, with an especially crispy crust. They contain natural ingredients, with no added sugars.

Our variety of freshly baked artisanal breads can be found in other dishes such as breakfasts, salads, and more.


Click here to see our sandwich menu

Israel Hayom compared and decided

Landwer’s breakfast is the best breakfast in Israel.

“Landwer knows how to step outside the box”


 Landwer's Opera Cake

Prisian torte cake with chocolate,coffee and walnuts flavors

Landwer Café is delighted is introduce Landwer’s Bakery – a new collection of boutique desserts created in collaboration with master baker Estella;

a prominent figure among Israeli chefs and bakers, head of her renowned school for the pastry arts.

The collection consists of 20 cakes, cookies and Parisian-boutique style desserts.


Landwer Summer Drinks

Come and enjoy a refreshing summer with our summer drinks.

We’ve composed drinks which combine new and unique flavors that are guaranteed to cool you down.

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Little Landwer


Kids Deserve the Landwer Experience, Too!

Introducing “Little Landwer”

Little Landwer offers our little guests a unique hospitality experience set to fit their pallet, health, and pleasure. The Little Landwer experience includes a new, age-appropriate menu constructed following thorough research and the advice of pediatric nutritional experts. Little Landwer’s tasty and fresh dishes are made from unprocessed ingredients and served with fresh vegetables. The dishes’ delightful presentation, shaped and portioned just the way kids like it, makes for a magical dining experience that leaves them wanting more.

The creative Little Landwer menu is personally offered to any kid sitting down at one of our branches. One side of the menu lists the delicious dishes in a relatable manner. On the opposite side of the menu are various fun activities to keep the kids busy and the parents or grandparents free to enjoy their meal. Finally, the entire menu can be folded up to create a wonderful 3D figurine which will join others just like it created by other Landwer kids. And just to sweeten the deal, our little guests get a small prize with their meal, making their experience an all-around fun affair.

Little Landwer is our way of treating little ones to the Landwer experience, with a special menu designed to satisfy their taste buds in a fun and tasty manner.

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Landwer's Bakery

Landwer Café is delighted is introduce Landwer’s Bakery – a new collection of boutique desserts created in collaboration with master baker Estella; a prominent figure among Israeli chefs and bakers, head of her renowned school for the pastry arts.


The collection consists of 20 cakes, cookies and Parisian-boutique style desserts, including:

*  Baked Cheese Cake – a classic dessert of rich and fluffy cream, coated with icing and zest and served with berry jam.

*  Opera Cake – Coffee buttercream spread between layers of light almond sponge cake and drizzled with dark chocolate ganache.

*  Tiramisu – classic Italian trifle garnished with dark chocolate, a delicious combination of mascarpone cheese and espresso-marinated biscotti.

*  Trio Chocolate Cake – the ultimate combination of dark, milk and white chocolate enhanced with pecan flavored cookies (also offered with sugar-free chocolate-chip cookie).

Additional desserts include hot chocolate cake, crumble cheese cake, poppy pear cake, homemade carrot cake, apple pie, chocolate babka, vanilla eclair covered in dark chocolate and more.

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Landwer's New Menu

Landwer Café is proud to launch its new menu – a vast selection of new starters, entrees and refreshing side dishes that will help cool down the hot summer months while offering a relaxing and cozy bistroesque atmosphere. Our new culinary concoctions are the creation of our house chef Shahar Barnea.


Our pampering new breakfasts offer a generous variety of salads, breads and dips, served on our new wooden designer serveware include a delicious omelet, fresh salad and a hot or cold beverage.


All our entrees will be served from now on with a new selection of bistroesque side dishes

 Side Dishes:

- Potatoes Florentine – Parisianne potatoes served with garlic confit, caramelized onions, seared cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach.

-     Root vegetables rice and beans.

-     Green Side Dish – String bean, spinach and soy beans.

-     French Fries

The side dishes accompany our pullet, chicken breast and popular schnitzel entree.

Furthermore we encourage you to try out our new pizza offerings, rose tortellini, open-face roast beef sandwich and more.


Our new salad offerings come with surprising new toppings, exciting new dressings and a rich, healthy dining experience.

All of our dishes are made with the finest ingredients and with strong emphasis on freshness.

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New Vegan Menu

For the first time every Landwer Café is offering a rich and extensive vegan menu that brings together new and unique flavors that support a healthy lifestyle. We created this menu with the wish to cater to the unique needs of our vegan customers without compromising great taste, quality of ingredients and freshness.

The vegan menu offers 8 dishes, from breakfast items to entrees, side dishes and desserts.

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