Landwer Summer Drinks - רשת בתי קפה לנדוור

Landwer Summer Drinks

Come and enjoy a refreshing summer with our summer drinks.

We’ve composed drinks which combine new and unique flavors that are guaranteed to cool you down.


Café Sua-Da – exotic cold coffee in a variety of flavors


Café Sua-Da is a staple of Vietnamese cuisine and is known for its defined strong taste

and traditional serving style. Landwer guests can enjoy an innovative

coffee experience and a presentation inspired by exotic summer

holidays: a decorated tray, tall glass with ice and sweetened milk, served with a side of milk.


Landwer Summer Drinks

For a complete experience, Landwer offers a Café Sua-Da kit with ingredients and serving dishes, available at the Landwer stores.


Super Shake – an energizing and revitalizing Spirulina drink.


The Super Shake was born as an attempt to provide our guests quality alternatives and create a rich and flavorful experience for the vegan


community as well as anyone wishing to maintain a healthy diet and consume superfoods.


The Super Shake is a Spirulina and almond milk drink with mango, banana and date honey, a combination which

provides the body with the required amount of protein.


A refreshing shake that’s rich in flavor and nutritional goodness, including vital

elements missing from our daily diet.


Ice Tea Surprise – Cool and refreshing drink with seasonal fruit

A unique ice tea made with berry infusion and a touch of passionfruit

and cherry, served with chunks of orange, apple, and a cinnamon stick.

Come enjoy the refreshing, summery Landwer experience!