Landwer was and remains a family. For those of you who are passionate about the world of dining and quality coffee, being a part of our family means a way in to these worlds.

Employees who are accepted into the family receive real tools that help them grow within Landwer, and excellent employees, who are willing to invest extra effort are promoted along a variety of professional paths.

The Landwer training system and business approach are based on a module of evolution that grows from excellence and investment. Even if you are just a beginner, you are encouraged to learn, grow and show your devotion in order to get promoted in the future.

We invest in each end every employee: baristas, cooks, waiters, shift managers, financial supervisors and branch supervisors.  Periodic training provides our employees with the knowledge they need to tackle any position.

A career in Landwer is not just the present but also the future, and is linked to a chain with a rich history, tradition and reputation. Accordingly, each and every employee represents Landwer’s high standards of excellent service and quality raw materials that make up every plate and every cup. And in the same way, the Landwer chain has an obligation toward all their employees’ needs.

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Barista Course Level 1

This course is geared towards baristas who have worked in Landwer for at least three months.

Topics covered:

  • Art of coffee growing
  • Methodology of foamed milk and Espresso making
  • Expertise and work processes for the barista new to the job

Barista Course Level 2

This course is for bar managers and baristas who have worked in Landwer for a year and above.

Topics covered:

  • Methodology of bar service Skills of work processes on the bar
  • Maintenance and operation of coffee machines

Trustees’ Training Course

An enrichment course to provide expertise for senior shift supervisors

Topics covered:

  • Art of guiding others
  • Advanced modules from the world of instructing Skills acquisition for knowledge transfer

Kitchen course

This course is for kitchen managers and long-standing Landwer cooks

Topics covered:

  • Improving work process in the kitchen
  • Guidance on the use of various raw products and the correct way to cook Landwer meals


A course that seeks to detect rising stars in managerial positions such as shift supervisors and branch managers.

During this course participants are exposed to the array of management fields that exist, and the expertise needed in each position.