Florentin 4, Tel Aviv - רשת בתי קפה לנדוור

Florentin 4

Abarbanel 72, Tel-Aviv


Sunday-Thursday 08:00-00:00

Friday 08:00-23:00

Saturday 09:00-23:00

Business hours subject to change during holidays and weekends

  • Children

Landwer Florentine is the perfect location – the business floor of a contemporary housing complex in the western edge of Florentine Street. The branch is a true manifestation of American modern vintage style, as befitting of a café in the up-and-coming SoHo-esque area of Tel Aviv with its unique urban spirit. The café is abundant with diner-style elements, from its round façade to the unique yellow bar. Dynamism is everywhere and attracts all types of characters: residents coming out of the spa and fitness center, locals stopping by for a round of shopping, businessmen, and anyone who enjoys a taste of Tel Aviv. The dishes make their way onto the tables in a steady beat, the cups overflow with excellent coffee blends, and the Landwer celebration intermingles with the city that never stops.