Azrieli, Modiin - רשת בתי קפה לנדוור - רשת בתי קפה לנדוור

Azrieli, Modiin

Lev HaIr, Modiin

Sunday-Thursday 08:00-Midnight
Friday 08:00 – two hours before sundown
Saturday an hour after sundown – Midnight

Business hours subject to change during holidays and weekends

  • Children
  • Kosher

Being an integral part of the shopping center which accommodates it, the Café is designed to appeal to a broad range of customers; from couples and their toddlers to teenagers and the elderly. It was created with the wish to offer a sense of home throughout the hours of the day, and an escape from the bustling atmosphere of the shopping center by a high-quality experience of the senses.
A kosher menu was created with great attention to detail, offering dairy based items and a large selection of fish, pasta, dessert and coffee offerings.