Street Mall, Ramat Yishai - רשת בתי קפה לנדוור - רשת בתי קפה לנדוור

Street Mall, Ramat Yishai

  • Street Mall, Ramat Yishai

Street Mall, Ramat Yishai
Eucalyptus 1, Street Mall Complex, Ramat Yishai
Sunday-Wednesday 08:00-01:00
Thursday 08:00-03:00
Friday All day, Saturday 08:00-02:00

Business hours subject to change during holidays and weekends

  • 24/7
  • Children

At the entrance to the Ramat Yishai Street Mall we founded this café that brings a breath of urban air into the serene valley. The shop offers a vast outdoor space, sprinkled with Parisienne chairs and overlooking the green landscape of the Jezreel Valley. The interior decor tells a compelling story and brings together colorful wallpapers in american 40’s retro style and a collection of unique artifacts. This café is great for families, groups of friends, a midday rendezvous or a night out.
The kitchen offers a large variety of culinary delicacies and a business, breakfast, lunch, vegan and kids menu.