A tradition of quality - רשת בתי קפה לנדוור

A Tradition of Quality


From a small establishment in turn-of-the-century Berlin, through Israel’s first coffee bean roastery to a modern-day multi-location café chain - the Landwer story is one of tradition and quality. 

In 1919, on a picturesque berliner street, Mr. Moshe Landwer founded his first business - a small café which will soon become a magnet for the city’s socialites.  In addition to the café, and just a few doors down, he oversaw production in his own coffee bean roastery in which his entire family toiled on roasting some of the finest quality coffee to be served to the patrons of his establishment.


 As a result of the rise of fascist powers in Germany, Mr. Landwer moved to Israel with his entire family in 1933 and settled in Tel Aviv. Shortly thereafter he founded the first-ever coffee bean roastery in Israel on Alenby St. overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, only to relocate to the bustling center of the city’s commercial artery (121 Alenby St.) due to rapid success and much needed room for expansion.

In the 40’s Landwer Café was already a household name, as if the story of the product, its maker and the city evolved simultaneously.


In his roastery, Mr. Landwer insisted on the highest and most strictest work codes, demanding the most from the process in order to deliver a product to his customers that was handled with both precession and care. This tradition of quality has been synonymous with Landwer Café and indicative of the experience the brand has been offering its beloved customers since its establishment almost 100 years ago. 


During the Period of Austerity in Israel, many coffee manufacturers, caving under the dire financial straits, switched to Chicory, a lesser coffee substitute, whereas Mr. Landwer’s Café continued serving his patrons with beverages made of the finest coffee beans, a fact which enhanced the brand’s value and helped it gain more respect in Israel. 

In the year 1964, due to a rising demand and an increase in popularity the roastery was forced to relocate from Alenby Street to Holon’s industrial Area in order to accommodate the growing production needs. Ever since it resides in a space sprawling over 1000 square meters.


In the years to come the factory will undergo many technological and operational boosts, which will significantly improve its capacity to - roast, grind, store, package, ship and handle coffee. In Addition to that the factory’s superintendence, both in production and in the lab have been perfected and as a result of that the factory meets the strict ISO-9001 and the ISO 22000:2005 standards; an indication of our wish to strive to the most professional of work ethics. 

Years of experience and constant improvements ensure a product that is the epitome of cohesion and precision, the result of meticulous and rigorous work process.


Special blends, quality roasting and fine grinding of coffee beans all make for a unique tasting experience. Landwer’s insistence on preserving traditions and not leaving out love and care throughout the production process has ensured that current and future generations will enjoy the same high-quality product that they had grown accustomed to.


A noteworthy milestone in Landwer’s history took place in 2004 when Stefan Yokowizc, Ofer Koren, Nir Kaspi and Oren Maor (4 experienced entrepreneurs and Tel Avivian night owls) joined forces and came on board the Landwer Roastery, and together established the Landwer Café brand; a chain of coffee shops that, alongside the production of great coffee, will have helped the great business potential that is the Landwer legacy materialize into something greater. Sprawling over numerous locations in Israel, Landwer Café offers a unique combination of professional top-notch dining experience and a familial warmth that caters to a large array of needs and whims, supplying customers with both a business, a casual and a welcoming environment.


In 2011 our House Blend received a make-over and an upgrade, upscaling it to a premium blend that suited the israeli palette in the best possible way. In order to make sure the change was to be undertaken according to highest standards we invited Mr. Gianni Norra from Italy, one of the world’s greatest coffee experts, to oversee the creation. Mr. Norra skillfully concocted a blend that represents his skills and year-long experience in the field. Rich in a chocolatey vanilla flavor, the blend is a balance of a light flavor and a sense of depth which is most suiting for the israeli taste buds. 

Alongside the rejuvenated House Blend, our roastery and Mr. Norra created a series of blends stemming from across the world. A selection which is offered in any one of our coffee shops packaged either in bags or tins for the convenience of our customers.


Resting on the strong foundation of its history and past, with the insatiable desire to move forward, the Landwer Experience grows ever richer as we embark on new paths.