OUR BLENDS - רשת בתי קפה לנדוור


Catering to a wide range of palettes and uniquely crafted with our customers in mind, Landwer Café’s homemade Blends tell an international story of aroma and taste.

An experience packaged to the highest and strictest of standards, and a journey of the senses to which we invite the israeli coffee drinker.

  • Africa

    Rich and flavorful earthy, nutty blend with a hint of bitter chocolate medium to full body taste

  • House Blend

    Accentuated crema, rich, fruity, earthy, nutty and rich in taste

  • Black – The Coffee Path

    Subtle blend, a palate pleaser

  • India

    Earthy, low pH, light in body

  • Colombia

    Rich and fruity blend, slightly spicy, low pH

  • Ethiopia

    Wild and rich blend - spicy, low pH, chocolatey (made with Dijmmah and Sidamo)

  • Landwer’s Accessories

    A unique collection of designer items that will bring the Landwer experience into your homes.