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Career path at Landwer

The Landwer Family has always welcomed new member to it and even more so nowadays as the business is growing and can bestow newcomers with great opportunities and potential advances. Should you come to work with us we will grant you the professional tools and teach you the skills that will help you make your up the company’s ladder, and in the business world all together. We welcome motivated applicants from all walks of life.

Both our business outlook and our training program are based on the notion that a great personal investment is the key to success. Based on this model there is no limit to potential advancements. We will cultivate the talent you bring to the table and reciprocate in accordance to your vigor and willingness.

We train new employees in multiple fields: Baristas (professional coffee makers), chefs, kitchen manager, shift managers and franchise managers. Intensive, basic or periodical training programs are designed to supply apt applicants with the best tools to manage every task executed in our daily business.

A career with us doesn’t only spell future but also carries with it a vibrant and rich history, a legacy and year-long reputation. Therefor we expect every member of our team to represent our name to the most professional way possible. This entails motivation, providing of great service, alertness, extensive knowledge of our products and services and maintaining cohesion throughout all aspects of the work. In return, we created a fair working environment where your rights as an employee are strictly kept.
We welcome you to our family!

We thank you for integrating us into your professional future. We would love to offer you one of many opening positions.

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Barista training - Level 1

This training is available for employees with a minimum of 3 months experience

Focal point:

The art of coffee cultivation

Milk frothing and working with espresso

Basic skills and procedures for the beginners


Barista training - Level 2

This training is available for bar managers at Landwer or baristas with a minimum of 1 year experience

Focal Point:

Bar work

Basic skills and procedures for bar workers

Operation and maintenance of espresso machines

Program for barista instructors


Instructors training - Program for senior shift managers

Focal point:

The art of teaching

Advanced models from the field of education

Acquaintance with the chain’s teaching programs

Chef’s training


Advanced training for senior chefs

Focal point:

Re-acquaintance with kitchen work procedures

Quality standards

The Landwer menu - from the ingredient to the final product

Introduction of new dishes

Management prospects



Scouting and cultivating shift managers and future in-house managers.

Throughout the program trainees are taught a wide range of skills that will be helpful along the way in numerous positions.